With the market changing back to a Sellers market,

You are going to start seeing more and more For Sale By Owner Homes

Pop up and you want to be ready.

I am going to go over three crucial things with FSBOs

1. Where to go to Find them
2. How to Research their Value
3. How you make an offer
4. How to Negotiate

Ok lets run through these

First, Where to Find them:

Here are the Top sites and I suggest if you can set up alerts on them

1. http://forsalebyowner.com
2. http://fsbo.com
3. www.craigslist.com then click homes for sale and your area
4. Local News papers (yes people still use them)
5. http://zillow.com/homes/fsbo
6. http://owners.com
7. http://buyowner.com
8. Actually Drive the neighborhood you like and look for signs

If you find any you like let me know and I will get some accurate payments for you

Second, How to Research their Value

Here are some places, you want to make sure they are listed correctly

And your offer needs to be based on what houses around them have sold for

Here are some places to check

1. http://valuemap.facorelogic.com/ValueMap.aspx?licenseCode=04025e4ff15c420bafbc6b09b0772033
2. http://zillow.com

Once you figure out what it is worth your ready to make an offer.

Third, how to make the offer

This one is easy. I have a simple contract to use when you are ready and help you structure it


How to Negotiate the Offer

When you get to this point I am going to send you some more
Training on how to negotiate.

That’s it.